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Day 11 — Sea Life

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Day 10 Family Photo; on our back porch.

This morning, Michael and I were up early to set sail on one of Captain Andy’s massive catamarans. His company is known for having one of the best sailing trips along the West Coast of Kauai and he did not disappoint. Danny graciously agreed to watch Casey for us as we knew she would get SO sick on a boat like this… my girl can get car sick on the way to Target if I’m in a hurry. But I really wish my two kiddos could have joined us. They would have loved the snorkeling and the food and the beauty of the Coast. It was as amazing as the helicopter ride, except more relaxing.

We motored up from the south part of the island and saw ranches, a closing sugar plantation, and a military base where the US tests missiles. Then we started to hit the Na Pali Coast.  I have a couple friends who claim that they are mesmerized by places like the Grand Canyon or Muir Woods.  That these places are almost holy grounds.  That is the Na Pali Coast to me.  I truly cannot believe that these land structures exist, were formed 5 million years ago, and are still eroding and changing today.  I think I could look at these cliffs and this coast all day long.  There is an 11 mile trail called Kalalau into the cliffs that starts at Ke’e Beach up north.  People wait for a year to obtain a permit just to camp on the beach at the end of the trail before they hike back the 11 miles.  The Sierra Club rates it a 10 on the scale as far as beauty and difficulty.  I so wish I had the guts and the body to do something like that. I saw just one small portion of the trail along the shore and it was clear that with my back a hike won’t ever be possible. At least I have Google Earth.

After an amazing ride and beautiful snorkel, we saw the dolphins. A whole pod that wanted to swim and play in our wake and under our boat. Seriously, so much awesomeness today between the land and the sea.  I couldn’t get enough.

I wanted to jump in and swim with them.  They were so graceful, swimming under and around our boat. I could not get enough of them!

We did get to swim with these guys though.

Michael put this picture together from three photos he took.

Of course, I felt obliged to do something with Dan in return for watching Casey today.  He is developing a slight obsession with boogie boarding so I took him to yet another beach that was known to have some good waves.  I had to bring an umbrella this time though — I was fried.  (no actual sun burn yet, just done with the sun for the day)

We found this guy hanging out on the sand.  As if we didn’t get enough during our sail.  So many animals today.  So incredible to witness such beauty in God’s creations.  I was truly grateful for this day.

This ‘little’ guy was just taking a nap on the beach.

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