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Day 7 – Helicopter Ride and Hideaway Beach

Day 6 Family Photo on our lanai. While the background is so perfect it looks fake, I can’t stop laughing at the four of us.  “Someone” had had enough of picture taking for one day.  

Oh. My. Word. I have to say that of all of the places that I have traveled in my life, I have truly never witnessed anything as amazing as what I saw today. This island might be the most gorgeous piece of God’s handiwork I have ever ever seen. Dan and I took a helicopter ride this morning to see Continue reading

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Day 6 – Photo Tours

Day 5 Family Photo – tried to capture the sunset at Hanalei but missed it.  That’s ok.  We had fun trying to chase it.

Today was a day that has been planned for over 6 months.  For Christmas last year, I bought Michael a private photo tour of the island.  Five hours of walking and hiking around the island taking lots of pictures alongside a professional; right up Mike’s alley.  I have ‘invited’ him to Continue reading