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Day 5 Friends and Shopping

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We were expecting the weather to not be the greatest today so we made plans to do other things besides relaxing on the beach. Another OpenFit workout (this one had my legs on FIRE!) got me started this morning so that I didn’t feel so guilty ordering the Kai Latte (made with macadamia nut milk, yum!) at a cute coffee shop an hour later. With some laundry done as well, we met up with some of Dan’s friends for lunch in Waikiki and had a wonderful time and a wonderful lunch at Island Vintage Cafe. It was so fun to get to know these kids with whom he has been spending the last 12 weeks. They were all so smart, so interesting, and had lots to say about their experience during this crazy year. (How I forgot to get a pic of them all I have no idea!)

With the weather continuing to keep us in suspense, we hopped back in the car and drove back up to Haleiwa for some shopping. Besides the famous surfing beach, lots of cute shops, boutiques, and restaurants make this adorable town quite popular among the locals and the tourists. The only purchase of note today was a beautiful Horn Helmet Shell that has been cut for the purpose of blowing. The salesperson was kind and knowledgeable and helped Dan pick out just the right one. Ever since the very first time Dan visited Hawai’i (he was all of 5 years old and just as cute as a button) Dan has been fascinated with making sounds from shells, especially after witnessing Hawaiians blow the Pu in certain ceremonies or at sunset to mark the end of the day. Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders consider the blowing of Pu (a conch shell) a deep part of the Hawaiian culture. (In fact, you can read about the blowing of Pu here.) He was so happy to get it (his 7 years of playing trumpet contributed to his natural ability — it really does take some skill). But, as soon as we got in the car he started worrying that it would be disrespectful to Hawaiians for him to be blowing the Pu (or in this case a Horn Helmet shell). This worry led to the reading of articles and a healthy discussion about cultural appropriation the entire hour long drive back to Waikiki. We didn’t land on any answers or solutions by the time we made our way back to the condo but it was a great discussion none the less.

We both were craving more poke after that intense discussion so we hopped over to Redfish Poke for two absolutely amazing poke bowls. I am officially hooked on it now and although I know I can get poke in Dallas, I just know it won’t be the same. How will I survive without this super fresh ahi tuna always at our fingertips here on the island?

Author: Angela

I'm a mom living in Texas trying to find the aloha spirit in everyday life with my husband and 2 teenagers. Until I can retire in Hawaii, I will continue to love good old fashioned walks with my dog, dabble in home decor, and pretend to play the ukulele. I am passionate about my family, music, and supporting other families, like ours, who have kids with Down Syndrome.

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