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Day 7 Tantalus and Bailey’s

I am always sad on the last day before I leave the Hawaiian Islands. Fortunately, this time around, I get to bring Dan home and see Mike and Casey, who is patiently waiting for our return so I am not nearly as heavy hearted as I usually am to depart paradise.

I was, however, determined to squeeze as much out of this day as I could so after my workout and some packing, I grabbed my suit and one last Kai Latte (their namesake drink with macadamia nut milk) then sought out the perfect spot on the beach in Waikiki with Dan. I stayed on that beach until the last possible moment I thought I could without missing our late checkout. (By the way, our little condo I found on AirBnB was adorable… a 1BR/1BA with a penthouse view of the ocean, city and mountains in the famed Waikiki Banyan Condominium Tower.)

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