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Exploring the Island! Day 2

I picked up my tour guide today around 11 after a lovely walk by the canal in Waikiki. He had some last minute packing and a few goodbyes left so wanted to give him some time for that. But, man it is so nice to be with my schmoopie again and have this time with him all to myself.

This was us after our super long hug to make up for all the days I missed him!

We started out heading east toward Hawaii Kai and Aina Haina, two beautiful residential communities outside of Honolulu and stopped at a cute sandwich shop that he had frequented with his friends. My spicy chicken sandwich was way more than I could handle! But none the less, it was delicious and fueled us up for the day ahead. We kept heading east/north along the ocean which was full of white caps and huge waves from all the wind we have had the last 24 hours. It was breathtaking and we stopped at every scenic point we could along the way.

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